"This Disorder" The Features

Have you suffered from the Disorder yet? You know, the one which makes your eyes find any screen? The advent of smart phones has created a new social activity: frequently checking out your phone Keep Reading

"Heavy Feet" by Local Natives

Aptly named, this song is like walking towards an imperative destination. You feel you are going “after” something. What is that something? Perhaps Local Natives wanted to leave that Keep Reading

"City" by Thao and The Get Down Stay Down

This track demands attention. The beginning beat thrashes at you and, once it does, you’ll think, “Oh, what is this?” And then once the vocals come so sweetly you will Keep Reading

"Sacrilege" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Throughout "Sacrilege," Karen Orzolek holds nothing back as her biting vocals carry the haunting first single off of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' upcoming album,  Keep Reading

"Diane Young" by Vampire Weekend

Unlike with 2008's "A-Punk" or 2010's "Cousins" — two high-octane songs released as the second singles off of Vampire Weekend and  Keep Reading

“Inhaler” by Foals

“Inhaler” is an incredibly gripping song. The opening sound is unfamiliar and grabs the ear’s attention. Then the tempo and vocals build, build, and BAM! They explode into Keep Reading

“Entertainment” by Phoenix

Electrifying from start to finish. Classic Phoenix groove with notes that suck you in while the vocals drift melodically through your being. “Entertainment” is exactly what its title Keep Reading

"Welcome to Japan" by The Strokes

Funky, upbeat, and catchy. It is like riding a metro in a foreign land. Exciting because you do not know what to expect and fun because you enjoy the ride.