"Seven Sisters" by The Shouting Matches

Most fans of singer/songwriter Justin Vernon may have never guessed that his next venture would be in the vein of southern-rock tinged tunes, but tracks like Keep Reading

"When My Train Pulls In" by Gary Clark Jr.

"When My Train Pulls In" is a feast for any fan of standard blues rock; Clark Jr. jams a steadfast riff over his pessimistic worldview before channeling his inner-Hendrix Keep Reading

"I Hear Colors (Chromaesthia)" by The Black Angels

Few bands have been able to accurately emulate the sound of 60's-era psychadelia, but the haunting synthesizer melodies and soaring Jefferson Airplaine-esque vocals found on Keep Reading

"Get Lucky" by Daft Punk

While it isn't until more than halfway through "Get Lucky" that listeners hear Daft Punk's familiar robotic tones, this tune feels like one of the French electronic duo' Keep Reading

"God Is Dead?" by Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath created heavy metal sometime after forming in 1968, and are still putting out songs in 2013. Let me repeat: the band has nearly been around for HALF A CENTURY, and in the Keep Reading

"Afraid of Heights" by Wavves

Since the the band's early days in 2008, the guys that have made of Wavves have crafted a bevy of tunes that fit perfectly on any sufer's summer playlist. "Afraid of Heights Keep Reading

"In A Warzone" by The Transplants

Like taking a shot from an overly-excited scenester in a mosh pit, "In A Warzone" hits you hard from the very start. If there was any question about whether the aging rockers Keep Reading

"Judgement Call" by Villagers

The intro of this song is reminiscent of a noir film. The mystery continues as the lyricist struggles over a decision.  The beat picks up as he realizes that he already knew the answer all Keep Reading

"Bound for Glory" by Black Star Riders

We all have dreams, but we must never give up. The guitar in this track opens up like flying through the sky on the way to the top. It then continues to tell a story of such an experience. “ Keep Reading

"If So" by Atlas Genius

It's almost impossible to sit still to this song; the spontaneous splashes of sound that come from all-directions make for a colorful melody as the synth and stuttering guitar drive the Keep Reading

"Two Fingers" by Jake Bugg

Carried by Bugg's carefree crooning over a fun bassline, this easy-going single off of the artist's self-titled debut speaks to a fear familiar with most young adults: change. Keep Reading

"Elephant" by Tame Impala

Powerful as a pachyderm charging the Sahara, the bass that drives this song keeps you grounded and doesn't let you go, even as the rest of the band spaces out on psych-synth jammery Keep Reading